ALFAKAT S.A. through a series of close collaborations in research, design and construction is at the higher level of expertise in areas, such as the seismic design and repair of existing buildings and the facility management of the building infrastructure, that are expected to experience rapid growth during the next years in Greece as well as globally.

A list of the Companies and Universities, with which our company is in close contact and cooperation, is given below:

  • Seismosoft ltd.: ALFAKAT S.A. possesses 80% of the Italian software house Seismosoft ltd. that specialises in the development of applications for structural analysis with linear, but mainly with the more advanced nonlinear methods. With sales in more than 50 countries and thousands of users worldwide, Seismosoft is now considered to be one of the world’s leading companies in the production of software for the assessment and strengthening of buildings, bridges etc.
  • National Technical University of Athens: ALFAKAT, either directly or through Seismosoft, is in systematic collaboration and contact with various departments of NTUA, through research partnerships and programs. It is noted that all software packages by Seismosoft are extensive used in various departments of NTUΑ.
  • European Centre for Research and Training in Earthquake Engineering (EUCENTRE): EUCENTRE is an institution for the promotion in Europe of research and education in Earthquake Engineering. It is based in Pavia in Northern Italy. It It has a laboratory with one of the largest seismic tables in the world, and it is based in Pavia in Northern Italy, where Seismosoft also has its headquarters.