In today’s extremely competitive environment of the construction sector, ALFAKAT S.A. has chosen as a key strategic choice the expansion of its activities to applications that involve specific knowledge and require special infrastructure and experience, in addition to the conventional engineering projects. Significant effort has been put to educating and specialising its personnel in rapidly developing areas of technical knowledge. The ultimate goal is to introduce and develop innovative ideas, in the technical as well as the managerial and financial area, through local and international strategic partnerships, based on a long-term investments plan.

At the same time, realising the new investment opportunities opened by the rapid introduction of the nonlinear methods in structural analysis, the company is active in the development of software tools for structural analysis, assessment and strengthening with a plan to make significant investments in this field in the next decade.

ALFAKAT S.A. has as a key strategic objective to establish itself as an emerging corporate entity that offers complete solutions in the technical, as well as the financial field. Its operation is based on extremely healthy and dynamic prerequisites: Know-how, expertise, experience, and very good and healthy financial structure. Elements that ensure a solid business base and a steady development.