ALFAKAT S.A. specialises in the field of structural interventions, strengthening and refurbishment, covering the entire spectrum of advanced methods of repair, strengthening and restoration of existing buildings. By investing in increasing know-how on specific topics of seismic design and control, the company is considered as one of the leading companies in a rapidly developing construction field, which is expected to experience more growth in the near future.

Further, ALFAKAT is also active in the development and distribution of software for the analysis, assessment and strengthening of structures, providing some well-known engineering software packages, such as SeismoBuild, SeismoStruct and SeismoSignal, which are extensively used both in Greece and worldwide.

Further, capitalizing on the vast experience of its personnel in the field of public and private projects, ALFAKAT S.A. executes a large number of conventional technical works, such as buildings, infrastructure projects, urban area development and ports. Moreover, capitalising our accumulated experience in the maintenance of large buildings, it activates in the growing field of facility management, offering services on regular preventive checks on the operation of all facilities in a building complex, technical management and oversight of the building infrastructure, as well as treatment of emergency  situations.

The main components of the dynamic development of ALFAKAT S.A. are the very good financial structure, the wide acceptance as a company with healthy constructional attitude, the high experience and specialisation in rapidly growing areas, the continuous education and training of its staff and the modernisation of construction equipment, as well as the quality and reliability of the provided services.

All the above ensure a solid enterprising base and a steady development. In this context, new investments are constantly realised both in human resources and new construction equipment, to safeguard and further expand the leading place of the company both in construction, as well as in the energy sector.

The company’s turnover exceeded 5,5 million Euros in 2017, while it is important to stress that, despite the current hard financial situation and the massive recession in the Greek economy during the last decade, the company’s budget has constantly increased during that period.