SeismoSignal – Earthquake Software for Signal Processing of Strong-Motion data

SeismoSignal constitutes an easy and efficient way to process strong-motion data, featuring a user-friendly visual interface and being capable of deriving a number of strong-motion parameters often required by engineer seismologists and earthquake engineers. SeismoSignal opens an accelerogram from text files in different formats.


SeismoSignal Features

  • Units for both the metric and the imperial system are supported
  • Baseline Correction and Filtering
  • Velocity & Displacement time-histories
  • Fourier and Power Spectra
  • Elastic and inelastic acceleration, velocity and displacement response spectra
  • Overdamped elastic spectra
  • Constant-ductility inelastic spectra
  • Calculation of several ground motions parameters:
  • Peak ground values of acceleration (PGA), velocity (PGV) and displacement (PGD)
  • Root-mean-square (RMS) of acceleration, velocity and displacement,
  • Arias Intensity (Ia)
  • Characteristic Intensity (Ic)
  • Specific Energy Density (SED)
  • Cumulative Absolute Velocity (CAV)
  • Acceleration (ASI) and Velocity (VSI) Spectrum Intensity
  • Housner Intensity (HI)
  • Sustained maximum acceleration (SMA) and velocity (SMV)
  • Effective Design Acceleration (EDA)
  • Predominant Period
  • Husid plot
  • Energy Flux plot
  • Four different types of record durations are computed: (i) the Bracketed duration (ii) the Uniform duration (iii) the Significant duration and (iv) the Effective duration.
  • Data and results presented in tables or charts and easily exported to other Windows application (e.g. MS Word and MS Excel).

A fully working version of the program may be downloaded from here