ALFAKAT S.A., combining significant theoretical knowledge in the field of retrofit and structural assessment with an extensive construction experience, can provide the most appropriate intervention solutions for each case, employing both safety and economic considerations, and respecting the architectural and functionality requirements. The most important of the available services are the following:

  • Complete bulding survey and building measured drawings. Geometry, reinforcement details, materials strengths with destructive and non-destructive testing, foundation uncovering
  • Structural assessment studies of existing structures for pre and post-eartquake checks
  • Seismic hazard and vulnerability analysis
  • Design of strengthening interventions, according to Eurocode 8 and the Greek Interventions Code (KAN.EPE.)
  • Design of the repairs for damage due to earthquake, fire, and corrosion. Accurate identification and screening of the sustained damage
  • Application of advanced non-linear dynamic & pushover analysis methods
  • Restoration and upgrade of traditional masonry buildings

Typical Projects