The project concerns the geotechnical research – evaluation and the research and construction of a special foundation of a four-storey residential building in the area of ​​Nea Artakis Evia.

Geotechnical research included the opening of a well and the drilling of a probe at a depth of 10m. The difficulty of foundation of the building was in the presence of a surface layer of 4.50m thick of a very soft and highly compressible high plastic clay. In addition, the water table in the area is found at a depth of just 0.70m from the surface due to the small distance of the plot from the beach.

The geotechnical intervention provided for the removal of the softer layer and the clay compressor (up to a depth of 4.50m where a constant background of disintegrating serpentine is found) and its replacement from stone to the foundation level defined at a depth of -2m from the surface of the soil. At the same time, drainage works were carried out to pump water and reduce the groundwater level.

The excavation of the plot (350 m2) to a depth of 4.50m took place within a single day with the use of a large 50tn crawler excavator and dozens of earthmoving trucks. Along with the excavation, the paving of the limestone was made of limestones of calcareous origin and a suitable granulometric grading based on the requirements of the study up to the level of foundation.n to change this text.