The project concerns the renovation of the internal arrangements and the views of the supermarket store in Anoixi, Attica. The contract also involved the construction of a new bread baking area, the modernization of the E / M facilities, and the reconstruction of the outside space and the parking space. More detailed were the following:

  • Manufacture of bread baking area
  • General repairs and renovations, change of arrangements
  • Deleting old tiles and placing new ones
  • Decommissioning the old false ceiling and building a new one
  • Construction of a completely new electrical installation, replacement of electrical panels and installation of automations in the shop
  • Replacement of lighting in the parking area
  • Construction of a new asphalt layer and layering in the parking area
  • Landscape, fencing and pavement configuration

The surface of the building is about 1450m2, the project was executed in the summer of 2013, the works lasted 45 calendar days, and the shop was out of operation for just three weeks. The budget of the project amounted to 580,000.00€.