SeismoArtif – Earthquake Software for Artificial Accelerograms Generation


It is noted that the use of real accelerograms and spectrum matching techniques (i.e. SeismoMatch), together with records selection tools, tends to be recommended for the derivation of suites of records for use in nonlinear dynamic analysis of structures. However, in those cases where access to real accelerograms is, for whatever reason, challenging or inappropriate, then a tool such as SeismoArtif will be of pertinence and usefulness.

SeismoArtif Features

  • Units for both the metric and the imperial system are supported
  • Four calculation methods employed for the generation of accelerograms:
    • Synthetic Accelerogram Generation & Adjustment: Synthetic accelerogram generation [Hallodorson & Papageorgiou, 2005] and correction in frequency domain
    • Artificial Accelerogram Generation: random set of phase angles with amplitudes calculated by power density function [Gasparini & Vanmarcke,1976]
    • Artificial Accelerogram Generation & Adjustment: random process adjustment by correction in frequency domain
    • Real Accelerogram Adjustment: real accelerogram adjustment by correction in frequency domain
  • Large range of envelope shapes available
  • Up to eight records generated from one spectrum
  • Velocity & Displacement time-histories
  • Elastic acceleration, velocity and displacement response spectra
  • Data and results presented in tables or charts and easily exported to other Windows application (e.g. MS Word and MS Excel).