Capitalising on its significant experience in the construction of building projects of high standrards, ALFAKAT S.A. undertakes the construction of all types of building projects such as residences, industrial installations and warehouses, hotels, super-markets and office blocks. Combining the required knowledge in the efficient management of a construction site, the excellent company structure and organization, and adequate construction capabilities, we are able to carry out the projects we undertaken at an extremely fast pace without delays even under extremely tight time-schedules.

Further, having our own Design Section, and through partnerships with a number of selected high-class design companies, we can provide a complete range of services and turn-key solutions, in a vertically integrated company environment.

In addition, and despite the current adverse economic environment, ALFAKAT S.A. still carries out the development of large high quality real estate projects, paying special attention to the functionality, the quality of construction, the aesthetics, as well as the harmonisation with the natural environment. Last but not least, the company systematically undertakes the construction of public works such as school, town halls, hospitals etc.

Our projects, with their size, quality, diversity and geographical dispersion, represent the dynamism of our company in the construction and management of building projects.

Typical Projects