SeismoSelect – Software for the Selection and Scaling of Ground Motion Records

SeismoSelect is an easy and efficient way to search, select, scale and download ground motion data from different strong motion databases that are available on-line. Different criteria may be employed as the parameters of interest, with which to carry out the searches. These include a target response spectrum, different ground motion parameters (e.g. PGA, PGV, Arias or Housner Intensity), information regarding the event (e.g. magnitude, faulting style location, date) or the recording site (e.g. Vs30, epicentral distance).

Based on these parameters the software carries out searches for sets of compatible records and provides ways to easily download the selected records.

SeismoSelect can retrieve data from three strong motion databases: (i) the NGA-West 2 Ground Motion Database, (ii) the NGA-East Ground Motion Database and (iii) the ESM – Engineering Strong-Motion Database. The flat files of these databases are being employed locally for the selection and scaling of the records, and users should connect to the internet only to download the selected ground motions. A fully working version of the program may be downloaded from here