The project concerns the renovation and modernization of the shop, the construction of a bakery, the construction of a large deep freezing refrigerated cabin and the reconstruction of the outdoor and underground car parks.

More detailed were the following:

  • General repairs and renovations. Changing layouts
  • Deburring and reinforcement with 45m2
    surface plate carbon in the freezer compartment
  • Installation of waterproofing and thermal insulation on the roof
  • Dismantling bulwarks and placing asphalt and striking at the car park (about 1.500m2)
  • Construction of polyurethane flooring and gradient in the underground car park (about 2.200m2)
  • New electrical network in the parking area (lighting poles, networks, coke wells)

The budget of the project amounted to 507,000.00€, the works lasted 50 calendar days (May & June 2013), while the store was out of service for just a week.